Slovensky Cuvac Dog Club of America and AKC
Winner of the Clubshow - American Champ
Polo Janin ranc, first American Champ/Guy Ford
middle #2
Xenia vom Boehmerwald second American Champ/Elisabeth
Yanka vom Boehmerwald third American Champ/Ginny
Cuvac Special
Dog Show in

4th Memorial
Prof. A.
Hruza USA -
will be held at
October 20th
2012 in
Texas 77406
our judge will
fly in from
Mrs Mira
In 2012
we can
celebrate 30
events are
coming up!
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Slovensky Cuvac Dog Club of America 1982  
I wanted to reach out to you as a club member with some exciting updates for our club.
Firstly, this year our club will be
celebrating its 30th year as a club.  Wow, how time flies!!!  
So this year our annual dog show will be all the more significant as we celebrate this
The dog show will be in Richmond Texas and the date has been set for October 20th, 2012
at 10:30am.  
Please mark your calendars and make every effort to participate and show off
your wonderful pet.
(Several families living around the showground are offering to host our members - totally space for more than
20 people)
As part of the recognition of the anniversary we are planning to have magazines, TV and
news present so they can further expand awareness of our lovely white companions.  
This year’s judge is the well known Mira Gehring from Germany and this will be an honor
for our group.  
We are also hoping for a visit from the official Consul of Slovakia to show support and
appreciation for our club and its mission.  Also breeder friends from Finland anounced to
visit the show.
As an aside, this show does not necessarily require advanced skills in showmanship.  
Just come and share your pet.  There are plenty of people there who can show you the
ropes of showing.  It is truly a great experience for everyone. Friday evening is Partytime.
Texan BBQ!

The second area I would like to share with you is our club’s board.  We are looking for
anyone wanting to step forward and help the club by running for one of the board
positions.  We are always looking for new ideas and new leadership.  Since the club is
owned by Elisabeth Pisula, she will remain as our President.  All other positions are open
for elections.  As the current Secretary, it is my role this year to collect any candidates
and make sure they are part of the election ballots.  
Current board members are:
•        President                Elisabeth Pisula
 Vice President                 vacant
•        Treasure                           Dennis Pisula
•        Secretary                          Deb Hunt
•        Rescue services             new position
•        Public Relations              new position
•        Show Organizer              new position

We are looking for new ideas and rotating some roles so please think about how you can
support any of the positions.  I will be sending out an electronic survey through the
online survey tool
(Zoomerang) as soon as we get the final list of who will be running for
each office.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for being a valued part of our club.  I look
forward to meeting as many of you and your white, fluffy companions as possible at the
next Cuvac dog show.

All the best,

Deb Hunt
Cuvac Party 2012 in Switzerland!
Die Schweizer Cuvac Party steigt am 01.09.2012. Organisation:
Carolone Fauvre , Member of the board in Germany - CSC e.V.
She was also at the Clubshow in Finland and has written a
nice blog about the Show/Club and also she published a lot of

Zum Bericht:

Zur Bildergalerie:
35 Year Anniversary Visit to the Club Show of the Slovensky Cuvac Club of Finland.
On the weekend of 14-15 July 2012, the 35th Anniversary Club Show of the Slovensky Cuvac Club of Finland was
held at the Aurantola Resort in Jaala, Finland.
On the way to Aurantola we met 2 Cuvac owners: Seija Juselius took us sightseeing. Incredible nature!
After arriving at the village of Aurantola on Friday  we met Mr. Visa Martilla, the President of the Club, We were
greeted warmly by all Club members.
Visa  has had a printed program in English for us. Our Finnish is a bit weak.
Saturday at 10:00am the breeding examination started. The Judge was Elena Ruskovaara.
Elena agreed to acceot our invitation to the American Club Championship in 2013.
For all interested dog ownerw there was a seminar "how to massage a dog". Very interesting!
At noon the show started with the competition of Children and their stuffed playtime dogs.  Totally different way
than we do in the USA.  The kids could show there fluffy stuffed dogs, and also very young (real) puppies.
The kids really loved this competition.
We all had lunch together before the Club's Annual Meeting started.                     
The Club offered everybody coffee and cake to celebrate the 35th Anniversary. Visa Martilla talked  past times of
the Club with a lot of funny stories.  
Also the international guests were asked to say some words. Irene Kammerl , President of the German Cuvac
Club gave a short speech and thank you for the invitation.
Elisabeth Pisula, President of the Slovensky Cuvac Dog Club of America 1982 also talked to the Cuvac owners.
Elisabeth told of her first experiences with Cuvac owners from Finland 30 years ago, especially the first male
she brought to Finland. One of his pups was several times World Champion. She also thanked everybody for the
invitation and the warm welcoming. At the evening time was a the typical Sauna in Finland. First the ladies - then
the men.
To make the day complete the evening ended with a nice barbeque.
You can't believe it but in Finland there are more mosquitos than in Texas.
We all ate breakfast together at 08:00am before the show was opened by Visa Martilla at 10:00am.
Irene Kammerl had a nice present for the Club accompanied with a little speech.
Elisabeth Pisula presented some a
American Club trophies for the winner of each group.