according all Cuvac with AKC
First known litter in NY/ USA 1983 at
the kennel from Nanuet owned by
Josef and Maja Schoen
Bado Janin ranc/TX certified for
breeding- 1 litter
Cedrik Orlicky talisman/TX certified
for breeding
Bastien Katcinca zahrada
/MO not yet prooven
Runa Janin ranc/TX fixed
Xenia vom
dfied August 6.2011
Ulka z Pozdisovskej doliny/TX
doliny-breedingcertificate-1 litter
Xip z Pozdisovskej doliny/TX
breedingcertificate-1 litter
Dora spod Babej hory/OR
Ypsilona Texas vom
Yoo Texas vom
Yusso Texas
vom Boehmerwald/CT
Yann Texas vom
Yeva Texas vom
Bundas Mika/SC
Polo Janin ranc/CO possible
for breeding if OFA certified
Nikkita Rose/FL
not longer breeding SC
Anton Janin ranc/VA no OFA
certicate-3 litter
Angel Tranquil Hill/VA
Arthur O'Malley Tranquil Hill/MI
Boolik Tranquil Hill/NJ
Roza z Pozdisovskej doliny/VA
no OFA certifikate-3 litter
Tanqua Tranquil Hill/NY
Dara spod Babej hory/TX
Argo Xenina zahrada
/MI fixed
Obella Janin ranc/MI
Chiva Tancuj Janin ranc LO
Pavel Mika/VA
AKC- FSS registered
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Imported from Slovakia and CZ Republic
Bhodi Rose/PA
Astra Jaroslavov dvor
Yanik Texas vom Boehmerwald/CA
Yoshi Texas vom Boehmerwald
Bado Janin Ranc
I will add shortly more
Cuvac powned by our
Dara spod Babej hory
and her 7 pups Alfa,
Accura, Astra, Austin,
Alvis, Audi and Auburn
born Febr. 16. 2012